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one of the resort in kukup that running one stop services for accommodation, facilities, dining and attractions. We have been running our chalet business since 1994 till today, serving customer with customer-oriented service, fulfilling customer needs with our best effort of services. Click button below to see our chalet:

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Customer satisfaction is important to us, to provide a better, hygiene environment to our customer, we had invested a Delphine Vacuum Cleaner to do cleaning, more importantly is to clear dust mites from our mattress, pillows and sofas.
Introduction of kukup

Kukup Laut, a very unique and a century old fishing village built entirely on stilts on the sea surrounded by water, is the southmost village found at the southwest tip of the Peninsular of West Malaysia, and suppose to be the southmost village found in the Continental of Asia. Located about 70 kilometres away from Johor Bahru, and 20 kilometres from Pontian, Kukup Laut has only one road to access by land. It may be reached by sea boarding ferry leaving World Trade Center in Singapore daily.

The entire village is linked by jetty also built on stilts on sea. This place is famous of its seafood. It's geographically and ideally shadowed by one of the world's largest mangrove swamp island - Kukup Island along which numerous fish-farms bob up and down on the surface of the Kukup Sea. Indeed, Kukup Laut is a good place for relaxing and good place for family outing.